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​Henna Art

Henna tattoos are popular all over the world for the vibrate colourations and the stunning patterns that can be created. Because it is temporary, it makes a great alternative to actually getting inked. Getting a henna tattoo can be a fun addition to your look to mark a special occasion like a birthday or a wedding

Pretty Eyebrow Threading & Henna offers to service of a skilled artist to draw intricate patterns and images onto your skin. Whether you and your friends want matching images or if you want something unique, we can deliver. Henna tattoos are beautiful and gentle on your skin. You will be able to enjoy your chosen design for several days before it fades away.

Our threading spa offers many beauty services to the people of District Heights, MD. Come in for threading and get a henna tattoo at the same time. Contact us at Pretty Eyebrow Threading & Henna to set a henna art appointment today!