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Eyebrow Henna

Eyebrow Henna is also semi-permanent color. to get henna eyebrows that appear to be tattooed and last longer than a day.a skilled artists who can shape the brow area and color the hair to look similar to a tattoo procedure.

Henna applied to the skin or hair usually last a few days or up to 4 weeks, but the length of time it last and the color will depend on the skin and the length of time it’s left on eyebrow. At Pretty Eyebrow Threading & Henna, we provide a natural brown shade for your henna design.

Eyebrow henna provides a temporary tint to hair and skin and often helps to shape the brow area by filling sparse areas and extending the edges but in fact it’s not a tattoo but a long-lasting henna eyebrow dye procedure that will probably last anywhere from a week to a month. Take a look at how it’s done using powdered henna and water paste to apply.