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Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow tinting refers to the process of changing or coloring your eyebrows using a certain shade or a variety of shades. It could be a temporary process which is done every day or a semi permanent.

If you go for a semi permanent eyebrow tinting, you will realize it is a much easier process compared using brow pencils, powders, or even tinted brow gels as it give looks that are more natural and it gets rid of the hustle of applying the temporary brow tints daily. Our eyebrow tinting colors include natural brown, dark brown, and black colors to give you a natural look that accents your everyday aesthetic. We also offer eyebrow henna designs that consists of a natural brown shade.

Tinting eyebrow is also known to enhance the brows looks and making them more defined. If a complimenting color is used in eye brow tinting. We provide you a professional service.